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Leasing & Financing

Food Service Supply is one of very few companies that offer financing and leasing of both New and Used equipment.  We offer in house approval which allows us to analyze each circumstance individually offering a higher approval rate with lower costs of money. Our in house options are lower cost than traditional programs because we can provide all the services in house without having to hire out a third party facilitator.  Below is a description of all the finance services we provide and the different benefits associated with those options.

Leasing Options

Leasing allows customers to keep their upfront costs down while taking a huge tax advantage.  All of our in house lease options come without a pre payment penalty.

In House Equipment Leasing

Food Service Supply offers an in house lease program that no other company in Salt Lake can offer.  Our rates are based upon approved credit and vary depending on the risk associated with the lease.  Most items, manufacturers, and model numbers qualify for this program.


Full Service In House Ice Machine Leases

Food Service Supply is currently the largest ice machine leasing company in Salt Lake.  No other company in Utah can provide the program we do.  Our most popular ice machine lease program is our full service lease which is extremely popular since ice machines are notorious for service issues.  You have a problem with the machine and we will be there within 24 hours to fix or exchange it.

Our full service leases are only available in a particular radius of Salt Lake City but it may vary depending on new machine placements.

Third Party Leasing Options

Food Service Supply has partnered with several third party leasing companies. In particular situations this option may be the most cost effective form of leasing. Please be careful who you use for third party leasing. Call us for a reference.

Financing Options

Food Service Supply offers two forms of financing options.  The first is our in house financing and the second is our third party financing.  

In House Financing 

If you interested in short term financing (1 year or less) we offer programs in house that have been extremely effective for several customers.  This options is on approved credit and rates may vary depending on the particular situation.

Third Party Financing

Food Service Supply works with several banks that offer extremely competitive financing rates. Call your bank first and then call us for a recommendation so you can compare rates.  We partner with most local banks and credit unions to provide the most affordable financing options.

If your looking for under $15,000 with quick approval, please visit the link below to apply for our express financing.

Click Lease Financing

Please contact us to discuss your financing options in depth.

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