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Used Taylor 161 Ice Cream Machine

Taylor (Food Service Supply)

  • $4,650.00

These machines have been cleaned tested and inspected with no issues found these machines came out of a local business in perfect working order. These machines also come with a 14 day warranty directly from us. Machines range in age from 2009-2014. We will send the nicest unit available at the time of purchase. If you want pictures of the exact unit you will receive as well as a serial number prior to sending we can provide that information upon request. These really are great machines. For more information or questions please give us a call Food service supply 801-886-7211


Manufacture specs: FEATURES Freezing Cylinder Two, 1.5 quart (1.4 liter) Mix Hopper Two, 8 quart (7.6 liter). Separate hopper refrigeration (SHR) maintains mix below 41ºF (5ºC) in Auto and Standby modes. Indicator Lights The Mix Low light alerts the operator to add mix. Electronic Controls Finished product quality is monitored by Softech™ controls that measure viscosity. Standby During long no-use periods, the standby feature maintains safe product temperatures in the mix hopper and freezing cylinder. Air Filter Easily removable, cleanable air filter helps keep condenser clean for optimal refrigeration system performance. Door Interlock System Protects the operator from injury as the beater will not operate without the dispensing door in place. SPECIFICATION Finished Products Soft Serve Installation Countertop (Floor - with optional cart) Number of Flavors 2 + Twist Freezing Cylinder QTY 2 Freezing Cylinder Size (qt/l) 1.5/1.4 Hopper Qty 2 Hopper Size (qt/l) 8/7.6 Mix Delivery System Gravity Refrigeration Control Viscosity Dimensions w/d/h (in/mm) 21" (w) 534mm (w) 25-3/4" (d) 654mm (d) 29-3/8" (h) 746mm (h) Net Weight (Lbs/Kg) 305.0 lbs 138.3 kg

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